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About Us

They are bold innovators and visionaries. The Turcotte brothers are unequivical entrepreneurs making their way through history. No, they are not a boys band - thought they adapt to the rhythm of the market and are among the top 20 in their industry- but rather two businessmen leading TYT Group. One thing is certain: they are not afraid to think outside the box. Patrick and Mickael Turcotte, president and vice-president of business development, are two brothers with opposite personalities who share a common vision: offer diversified and personalized transportation services on a world wide level.

From father to sons

It all began in 1980 with Les Transports Yvon Turcotte, founded by Nicole and Yvon Turcotte. In the first few years, the business specialized in palletizing and optimizing peat moss products. The transportation company grew rapidly and began to diversify its services. Although young, the two brothers were introduced to the transportation world and began preparing for a future career in the industry.

In 1996, Mr. Turcotte passed away leaving his children and his brother, Jean-Marc Turcotte, to inherit the business that included 9 trucks and around 20 employees. In the beginning, Patrick and Mickael had no intention to grow the family business; they were happy to have a job and satisfy the demands of their existing clients. However, the discovery of new markets completely changed the future of the company.

Making their way

Beyond the road sector, the Turcotte brothers realized that the railway sector would allow them to diversify the services they offered. So in 2006, Patrick and Mickael combined these two means of transportation to better serve their clientele. The acquisition of Richmond Logistique added a new tool to their arsenal: warehouses. In 2010, the purchase of BR Logistique for container transportation was a strategic decision because these services are in high demand today. The acquisition of Transport Desrosiers for specialized transportation gave additional competitive edge for the company that, in 2012, became TYT Group.

A unique path

In 2015, TYT Group boasts 550 units and 225 employees. By promoting teamwork, open mindedness, authenticity, performance and good listening skills, the Turcotte brothers are still seeking to improve their efficiency, fuel economy and driver recruitment. Innovation is at the heart of every decision they make, these entrepreneurs have installed flex fuel diesel-propane conversion systems on 10 trucks. In addition, approximately half of their fleet is mounted on wide tread tires and all trucks are equipped with a vehicle telemetry system. TYT has also become a distributor for the European Combilift transloading system. Always on the lookout for new possibilities, the Turcotte duo is constantly seeking to innovate and improve technology that could be useful for their fleet.

On the road to expansion

TYT Group not only has to brilliant and charismatic business men at its helm, but it also benefits from ideal geographic locations: 1 terminal in Longueuil, 3 in Drummondville and 1 in Quebec City, in addition to the railway transloading station in Richmond. TYT Group has become one of the top 20 transportation specialists in Quebec and among the 100 largest in Canada. TYT Group serves the entire continent of North America, not to mention the world. Learn more about this growing company with wind in its sails!

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