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Warehousing services and transloading stations

Our warehouses in Longueuil, Richmond, Drummondville and Quebec City total more than 500,000 ft². This large-scale warehousing located strategically across Quebec allows us to meet all your needs and be ready at a moment's notice for your projects. Customs warehousing services are also available at several warehousing facilities.

Warehousing for any kind of freight

TYT Group offers comprehensive interior and exterior warehousing services for any kind of freight, including primary aluminum, construction materials, wood and machinery. Our forklifts offer a maximum capacity of 70,000 lbs.


  • Order management;
  • Computerized inventory management;
  • Labeling;
  • Packaging;
  • Samples;
  • Freight transloading;
  • Order picking;
  • Distribution.

Our team will adapt to your requests. Contact us today and take advantages of services that cater to your needs!

Why use TYT Group warehousing services?

  • Benefit from unique experience with personalized service;
  • Lower production & labour costs;
  • Efficient warehouse-management system;
  • Maximum security of your goods;
  • Easy distribution.

Our warehouses

TYT Group offers secure warehousing services in various cities across Quebec, each with a team of specialized warehousing employees. The warehouses are chosen based on strategic criteria allowing access to railways, as well as proximity to major highways.




Quebec City

Transloading services

Freight transloading is necessary when transferring from one means of transportation to another. With our equipment and various services, and as our slogan says; any load many ways!

We offer a wide variety of transloading services, always prioritizing efficiency, speed and competitive pricing:

  • Railway transloading;
  • Trailer and container transloading;
  • Warehousing and distribution;
  • Freight inspection;
  • Freight packaging;
  • Palletization and vacuum packaging using VCI Poly film;
  • Computerized inventory management;
  • Network analysis
  • C-TPAT and interior & exterior video surveillance.

Transloading stations

TYT Group's transloading stations are located in Drummondville, Richmond, Longueuil and Quebec City, and are linked to several railway networks.




Quebec City

Tel: 819 474-4884
Toll free: 1 855 TYT-GROUP (1 855 898-4768)

Warehousing: Hugues Goulet, extension 262
E-mail: info_entreposage@groupetyt.com

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