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A new Intermodal link between the American North-Eastern region and Quebec

By uniting their efforts, Groupe TYT, Eimskip, the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad and the Pan Am Railways, have managed to put in place an Intermodal link to better move merchandise between the North-Eastern American region and Quebec. This new service, set to break ground in the first quarter of 2018, will allow for easy movement of products between Quebec and Boston MA, Portland ME, the state of Connecticut as well as the state of New York. This project will be implemented in three phases:

An Intermodal link between Richmond, Qc. and Portland ME (within 2 days)
An Intermodal link between Richmond, Qc. and Ayer MA (within 3 days)
An Intermodal link between Richmond, Qc. and New York NY (within 3 days)

Distribution opportunities

This new service will be added to our already existing distribution and warehousing services. At the moment, it is possible to store goods in Richmond, Qc. It is also possible to assure delivery of said goods via trucks, wagons and now, through our intermodal services. If your goods are stored in our warehouses, it will now be possible to guarantee delivery with the North-Eastern American Region with no transportation cost in Quebec. Your goods will be taken directly from the warehouse, be loaded within containers and will be delivered by train to one of the three Intermodal Centers identified above. Once arrived to the desired Intermodal Center, the container will be delivered by one of our partners to your customers, all this done at a fraction of the cost.

Rail services, warehousing

Richmond, Qc. is situated on a "Short Line" belonging to the Genesee Wyoming. This "Short Line" is connected to the CN, the CP, the CSX (via Pan Am), the NS (via Pan Am). This covers an enormous territory.

International Transport

We will also be able to use the port of Portland for all international shipments, both imports and exports. The merchandise will be carried via maritime containers between Richmond, Qc. and Portland ME to then connect with Europe through CMA & Eimskip. This applies for Scandinavian destinations, Newfoundland, Greenland as well as the prior mentioned European continent.

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