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Intermodal freight transportation services

We have many ways to load your freight!

Choose expertise that has been proven in all aspects of road, rail, maritime and oversize transportation! More than 500 active clients have already put their trust in us!

All freight such as iron, primary aluminum, construction materials, over-sized parts and consumer products are shipped safely according to transportation standards set forth by the relevant authorities.

Our specialty: Simply and professionally shipping everything that is too heavy, too big, too long and too high! We walk our customers through their options in choosing the fastest and most economical freight transportation.

Intermodal transportation

TYT Group will take care of your shipping needs anywhere, anyhow! Allow us to offer efficient and innovative solutions for your shipments. We are among the top 20 carriers in Quebec and the top 100 in Canada. Our reputation as an industry leader is a fitting image of the company. Let us guide you towards success and the accomplishment of your goals, and leave the rest to us!

Using our intermodal transportation options insures a high degree of operational efficiency, while at the same time offering considerable savings in cost, time and energy. Doing business with TYT Group is entrusting your freight to professionals who you know will deliver it to its destination quickly and worry-free!

Our office near the Port of Montreal offers a major and central access point for your maritime freight transportation needs. In addition, the TYT Group relies on all major railroad networks across Canada and the United States.

Transportation is offered 24/7,

TYT Group thinks big and ships big

Thanks to our team of professional, experienced carriers, TYT Group stands out because of its various intermodal services:

  • Freight transport in Canada, the United States and abroad;
  • Fleet of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, platforms and detachable trailers of all sizes to handle any load, regardless of size or weight;
  • On-site cranes;
  • Many railway loading facilities;
  • More than 500,000 ft² of warehouse space and transloading stations;
  • Intermodal loading and securing;

  • Logistical assistance for your customs questions;

  • Escort vehicles for oversize transports.

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