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Freight securement services

TYT Group offers freight securement services for all your rail, container and trailer shipments. We offer unique and personalized solutions and also guarantee secure and professional transportation for your projects.

The acquisition of National Blocking has allowed us to develop specialized expertise in the freight securement sector over the past few years. Your freight is in good hands!

What are securement services?

  • Securement of rail cars, trailers & containers;
  • Adequate crating of goods destined for exportation and containerization;
  • Final packing using VCI Poly film;
  • Secure blocking for maximal protection of your goods.

Protection and easy warehousing

Here are just a few benefits of our freight securement services:

  • Increased protection against breakage and loss;
  • Peace of mind that laws and securement methods will be respected;
  • Improved communication among various parties;
  • Safety of your goods.

Tel.: 819 474-4884
Tool free: 1 855 TYT-GROUP (1 855 898-4768)

Specialized securement services: Jean-Pierre Turcotte, poste 504
E-mail: info@arrimagenational.com

Specialized securementSpecialized securementSpecialized securement
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