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Côte Saint-Luc warehouse and rail transloading station

Building number 22
Côte Saint-Luc (Quebec)

Entrance via:
Paré Street (CP land)

Railway: 2


  • Railway transloading station;
  • Interior transloading station with forklifts;
  • Exterior transloading station with special equipments;
  • Interior and exterior warehousing;
  • Customs warehousing;
  • Order preparation;
  • Freight receiving station for trucks, railcars and containers;
  • Computerized inventory management;
  • Product labeling;
  • Delivery to clients via truck, train or container.

Warehouse specifications

Building area:118 000 pieds carrés
Land area:9 acres
Number of dock doors:11
Railway connection:Yes
Capacity of interior rail cars:20
Number of rail cars authorized:50
Customs warehouse:No
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